Stream classifier, weigh-in-motion and other roadside sensor. more
Full-fledged computing system . more
  • Classifiers -- Real Time: Peek ADR 2000 -Peek ADR 3000 -IRD 1060 more

REECE  Specification

  • Full-fledged computing system running Linux.
  • Connectivity
    • 4 RS-232 serial ports
    • 2 USB ports
    • 16 channel 100KHz A/D converter
    • Power Draw
  • Typical power draw: <5W
  • Typical power draw, with wireless: <10W
  • Temperature Tolerant
  • Maximum Temperature:85C (185F)
  • Minimum Temperature:-40C (-40F)
  • Networking Compatibility
  • Ethernet -Modem
  • Cellular (AT&T and Sprint currently supported)




The Roadside Embedded Extensible Computing Equipment (REECE) project was originally conceived by the Oklahoma Department of Transportation in order to bring wireless capabilities to their state-wide network of permanent count sites in an attempt to cut deployment and operation costs. Beginning in January 2006, the project deployed its first prototype in the late Spring of that year. By the end of the year, the system was considered a success with future deployment to additional sites in the pipeline more.